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My Dad's Video Store

B.C. Jones, Waylon Bacon, and Gray Creasy

A monthly adventure into the wild world of obscure VHS titles from the '70s, '80s and '90s! 

From holiday-themed horror to Star Wars rip-offs, there were countless trends from the mid-'80s to early '90s as the advent of home video created a new market for producers of both low and high-budget cinema. Many of these films have been forgotten. Many of them are probably best left forgotten! Together we are going to discover the weirdest, campiest, craziest films you’ve probably never heard of...inside My Dad’s Video Store.

Join indie filmmakers/movie fanatics B.C. Jones, Waylon Bacon, and Gray Creasy as they delve into specially curated blocks of VHS titles plucked from the shelves of a 1980s video store.